Who Was Muhammad?

Facts About Muhammad From Islam's Earliest and Most Trusted Sources

Who Was The Man Behind Islam?

The Life, Words, and Actions of Muhammad

Muhammad's Oppression and Mistreatment of Women

Learn about Muhammad's mistreatment  and abuse of women.

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The Sexual Perversions of Muhammad

Learn about Muhammad's mistreatment of women and his perverted desires.

Muhammad's Violence, Intolerance, Hate, and Racism.

Who was Muhammad? What did he do? How did he treat others? How did he conduct himself?

Muhammad: Disturbed and Deceived

Learn about Muhammad's disturbing behavior and about being tricked by magic.

All About Muhammad: His Convenient and Self Serving Revelations

Learn about Muhammad's convenient (supposed) revelations that kept benefiting him.

Muhammad: Impeached by His Own Standard and Teachings

Find out how Muhammad failed to meet his own standard of being a true prophet.

Muhammad's Undeniable Lies: Muhammad vs. Science, History, and Reality

A list of some of Muhammad's Undeniable lies.

Muhammad's Disgusting and Incorrect Hygiene Instructions

Learn about what Muhammad said and taught about hygiene, food, and water.

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Muhammad's Plagiarism: Stealing Ideas From Forgeries, False Heretical Teachings, and Jewish Fables

Learn about what Muhammad stole many of his teachings from previous sources.

Muhammad's Superstition and the Pagan Origins of Islam

Learn about Muhammad's superstitious beliefs and the pagan roots of Islam. 

Crazy and Disturbing Things Muhammad Said About God and Satan

Learn about some of the crazy, weird, and disturbing things Muhammad said about God and Satan.

Random Teachings of, and Random Facts About, Muhammad

Learn random things about Muhammad along with some of his weird and unusual teachings.

Islamic Double Standards and Myths

Islamic double standards, misconceptions, and myths about Jesus, the Trinity, the Bible, Etc...

The Violent and Oppressive History of Islam

Learn about the oppressive, intolerant, and violent nature of Islam in history and in today's world.

Facts About Muhammad From the Two Sahihs

disturbing facts about Muhammad from just the two most authentic hadiths.

The Corruption of the Quran

Has the Quran been perfectly preserved as some Muslims claim? According to the Hadith, not even close.

The Quran
Why the Quran Was Really Revealed in Arabic, According to the Quran Itself

Why was the Quran supposedly revealed? The answer is not what you have probably been told.

Quran and Prayer Beads
The Quran: A Book That's Been Matched

Is the Quran really superior to other books as Muslims claim?

Problems with the "Quran Only" Approach

Problems and Issues with the Quran for "Quran Only" Muslims who try to reject the embarrassing teachings of the Hadith.

Differences Between Christianity and Islam

Learn about the 

irreconcilable differences between Christianity and Islam.

Muhammad and the Bible

Find out what Muhammad thought about the Bible, and why he makes it impossible for Muslims to reject it.

The Words of Jesus vs. the Words of Muhammad

The words of Jesus vs. the words of Muhammad: who should we believe?

The Actions of Jesus vs. the Actions of Muhammad

The actions of Jesus vs. the actions of Muhammad: whose example should we follow?

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What Jesus and His Disciples Really Believed

Learn about what Jesus and His disciples really believed concerning the divinity of Jesus.

Answers to Potential Objections

Answers to potential objections to the facts presented.

The Timeline of Muhammad's life

From his birth, to his first battle, to his death, find out about the timeline of  Muhammad.

Unless otherwise noted, the numbering system used for the Hadith is the USC-MSA web (English) reference. The first number will be the book/chapter number, and the second number will be the Hadith number.


Please go to quranx.com or sunnah.com to be able to easily verify and see for yourself most of the facts that are contained on this site.


Please note that some of the facts are repeated, as some of them can fall into more than one category.


Please also note that there are numbers in parentheses behind some facts. Go to the section titled Answers to Potential Objections and find the corresponding number for further information about that fact and a response to potential objections.

Sources Used


The sacred scripture of Islam, believed to be the word of Allah.


The recorded traditions and sayings of Muhammad. 


Commentaries of the Quran.

Sīrāh and Maghazi

The biography and military campaigns of Muhammad.

The Divinity of Jesus

More Than a Prophet