Many people, especially in the West, are told that Islam is a religion of peace, but a look at the best and earliest Islamic sources show something disturbingly different. The purpose of Who Was Muhammad is to shed a light on the darkness of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, while simultaneously letting the light of who Jesus is shine in the darkness.

Unless otherwise noted, the numbering system used for the Hadith is the USC-MSA web (English) reference. The first number will be the book/chapter number, and the second number will be the Hadith number.


Please go to quranx.com or sunnah.com to be able to easily verify and see for yourself most of the facts that are contained on this site.


Please note that some of the facts are repeated, as some of them can fall into more than one category.


Please also note that there are numbers in parentheses behind some facts. Go to the section titled Answers to Potential Objections and find the corresponding number for further information about that fact and a response to potential objections.