Timeline of Muhammad's Life

AD 570 - Muhammad is born in Mecca


AD 576 - Death of Muhammad's mother


AD 578 - Death of Muhammad's grandfather


AD 595 - Muhammad marries Khadija, his first wife


AD 610 - Muhammad starts to receive his supposed revelations


AD 613 - Muhammad takes his message public


AD 619 - Muhammad’s uncle and protector dies


AD 620/621 - Muhammad reports that he has been carried to Jerusalem and then to Paradise on a winged horse like creature known as “Buraq” (This is called “The Night Journey”)


AD 620/621 - Muhammad marries Aisha, a 6 or 7 year old girl


AD 622 - Muhammad's migration to Medina (Hijra) and the starting date of the Muslim calendar


AD 622/623 - Muhammad consummates his marriage to Aisha when she is 9 years old


AD 624 - Battle of Badr, Muhammad's first military victory, which was an offensive attack against a Meccan caravan


AD 628 - Muhammad is poisoned at Khaybar


AD 632 - Muhammad dies in Medina