The Words of Jesus vs. the Words of Muhammad: Who Should We Believe?

What Jesus Said Concerning God, Himself, the Trinity, and His Disciples vs. What Muhammad Said Concerning God, Jesus, the Trinity, and Jesus' Disciples:


1) Concerning Who Jesus Was:


Jesus said He was God: Mark 14:62; John 8:58.

Muhammad said Jesus was just a prophet and not God: Surah 4:171, 5:17, 72, 75.




2) Concerning Jesus' Origin:

Jesus said He existed before the world began. Therefore, He had to exist before all of humanity and must be more than just a mere human who came into existence at conception: John 17:5.


Muhammad said Jesus was just a human who was created and came into existence at conception: Surah 3:59.




3) Concerning Whether Jesus Was Crucified or Not:


Jesus told his disciples that He was going to be crucified (and He was crucified): Matthew 26:2; Luke 24:7 (even an angel said Jesus was crucified: Matthew 28:5; Mark 16:6; Luke 24:7).


Muhammad said Jesus was not crucified: Surah 4:157-158.



4) Concerning Jesus' Sacrifice for Sin:


Jesus said He was the sacrifice for our sin: Matthew 26:26-28; Mark 14:22-24; Luke 22:19-20.


Muhammad said Jesus didn't die, thus denying that He was the sacrifice for our sin: Surah 4:157-158.



5) Concerning Whether the Trinity is Real or Not:

Jesus affirmed the existence of the Trinity: Matthew 28:19; John 15:26.


Muhammad denied the existence of the Trinity: Surah 4:171, 5:73.




6) Concerning the Composition of the Trinity:


Jesus said the Trinity was composed of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: Matthew 28:19.

Muhammad said that Christians believed the Trinity was composed of the Father, the Son, and Mary: Surah 5:116.




7) Concerning God as Our Father:


Jesus said that God is our Father: Matthew 6:8, 9, 14, 32; Luke 11:13.


Muhammad said God is the Father of no one: Surah 5:18, 19:88-93 (In the Islamic tradition there are 99 names of Allah, and not one of them refers to Allah as Father).




8) Concerning Jesus' Disciples:


Jesus affirmed that His disciples did not adhere to Islamic beliefs, thus affirming they were not Muslims: Matthew 16:13-17; John 20:28-29.


Muhammad said Jesus' disciples were Muslims: Surah 3:52, 5:111, 61:14.